Reinventing Your Artistry

Diva Joan Cartwright

Diva Joan Cartwright

The question I have is what techniques do you use for REINVENTING YOUR ARTISTRY?

I have been challenged in each new decade with reinventing myself.

In my twenties, when I began performing for a fee, I utilized my youth and vitality and fulfilled my need to absorb the purpose of musical studies – self-expression.

In my thirties, I concentrated more on building a repertoire of pieces I could sing and play; and on rehearsing and performing as much as possible with good musicians.

In my forties, I pursued my Master’s degree and toured for eight years. When I returned from Europe, I knew I had to be able to do something besides sing, so I studied HTML and website design, while writing articles for Travel & Style magazine and grants to teach about Women in Jazz and Blues to thousands of Broward County students through my corporation, FYI Communications, Inc.

In my fifties, I learned HTML and website design and I owned an art gallery and, near the end of that decade, I began compiling my 9 books that I completed and published by the end of my sixtieth year, along with several concert reviews written for a local newspaper.

Now, at 61+a half (smile), I’m the founder of WOMEN IN JAZZ SOUTH FLORIDA, INC., a non-profit organization, in the position to receive grants and sponsorship that could make my dream of WOMEN IN MUSIC MUSEUM in South Florida a reality.

From keypunch operator to legal secretary to touring vocalist to composer to entrepreneur to educator to author to IT specialist to executive director to museum founder, I’ve reinvented myself, my purpose and my artistry.

What’s your story, Morning Glory?

Diva JC

6 comments on “Reinventing Your Artistry

  1. At 63, I’ve applied to Northcentral University to work on my Doctorate in Business Administration Computer Technology. I will begin classes on May 16, online. I’m excited, however, the thought of $40,000 in student loans is weighing heavily on my brain. I need some fellowships and grants to make this happen. So, I’m off and running, in search of $$$$$$ as usual.

  2. My 64th birthday is on December 7th. I’m working with Parkway Middle School Jazz Band and Vocal Ensemble on arrangements of my music that will be performed on January 25, 2012, at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. These 13-year-old students are brilliant under the leadership of Melton Mustafa, Jr. I’m so appreciative of Dr. Malcolm Black who took this entire year to arrange three of my songs and one of Jus’ Cynthia’s songs. Also, our Compilation CD Volume II is just about ready to drop. Check us out at

  3. Re-establishing my piano playing ability with endless practice hours of Erroll Garner/Fats Waller/Ahmad Jamal/Bud Powell (to name a few), and their renditions of various tunes, favorite runs or any grassroots flavor that hits my soul. For me personally, listening and copying a master helps develop dexterity, execution, and brings out an innate sense and knowledge of music. The process takes time, but well worth the joy it brings, through all the stages of development! Yes, Lord!

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