Music, the sound of the spheres, begins in the womb!

This blog will educate you on the lives, contributions and joy that women in music bring to the world, regardless of the obstacles they have to overcome. Here, find radio shows with original music by women, concert listings, biographies, links, books and general information on women musicians and artists like Joan Cartwright, Jus’ Cynthia, Rochelle Frederick, Renee Fiallos, Marion Hayden, Gayelynn McKinney, Pamela Wise, Denise King, Aurora Flores, Amanda Sedgwick, Saskia Laroo, Kim Clarke, Sandra Kaye, Randi Fishenfeld, Robin Avery, Melody Cole, Teri Wilson, Jamila Sahar, Dorothy Morrison, Lenora Helm and many more.

At, you’ll find a directory of legendary music women like Dorothy Donegan, Trudy Pitts, Gloria Coleman, Shirley Scott, Shirley Horn, Pearl Bailey, Lena Horn, Mary Lou Williams, Melba Liston, Dorothy Ashby, Lavelle, Sandy Patton, Emme Kemp, Betty Carter, Gloria Lynne, Dakota Staton, Celia Cruz, Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae and Sarah Vaughn.

Tune in to the internet radio show, MUSICWOMAN, on Wednesday @ 12 noon to 2 p.m. when host Diva Joan Cartwright interviews women musicians and men who support them like Dr. Nelson Harrison, George V. Johnson, Jr., Jeffery Smith, Robert Roberson, Robert Steinback, Vinx and Ed Williams.