Live at MOCA!

Last night was a wonderful concert! Many friends came, even thought rain threatened to fall, which it did at the end of the show. It poured! Thanks to the sound men and my musicians: Paul Banman (piano), Anthony Turner (bass) and my old friend David Nuby (drums) for the swinging music! Thanks to Roscoe for sitting in on drums.

But we had a great time. Everybody sang “Oh, Baby” and “No, no, no, no!” to A Tisket A Tasket.

I appreciate the staff at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Miami for booking us for the second time. I truly hope to do this venue again. I really love the people and the location. It is truly conducive to good jazz performance!

Thanks to all the new fans, who bought our CDs and gave us much love, especially my new friends from Madrid, Spain!

Love to Nathaniel, Harlan, Prince & the kids; Priscilla & David; Macarldie; Wanda; Alfreda; Juan & Friends; Vanessa & her family, especially her Mom! We so appreciate your coming out to sing with us in the RAIN!

Love and music,
Diva JC

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