Why there are organizations like WOMEN IN JAZZ SOUTH FLORIDA, INC.

  • Women pay 53% of the taxes on the planet.
  • Women contribute 93% of their income to their families, while men only contribute 43% to their families.
  • Of 138 NEA Jazz Masters, since 1982, only 18 women (12%) received the $25,000 honorarium from OUR TAX DOLLARS!
  • Women benefit from between 1-5% of public funding.
  • Only 5% of art in the Metropolitan Museum of Art belongs to women.
  • Publicly funded bands like the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra that pays its members $100,000 have NO women in the ensemble. But women’s tax dollars pay for these bands to operate.

This must change. It will only change if we address this with our government officials and if we NOMINATE WOMEN for awards like this. If you are agree with this, please share this with ALL people you know.


Joan Cartwright, Founder/Executive Director

Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc.




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