Women in Film Music

My PhD coursework in Business Marketing led me to the conclusion that women are not reaping much financial rewards from composing film music. At http://www.wijsf.com/mission.htm, it is our mission to promote women musicians, globally.  We have produced 4 compilation CDs of women’s music.


Perhaps, these reports from RB’s Stage 32 News, on women in film will back up my conjecture that there are great opportunities for women in the film music industry:

Women’s Music

This story of women’s music is not very long. At the turn of the century, in America, Gertrude “Ma” Rainey was considered a heroine to Africans emerging from the harsh reality of enslavement. Rainey expressed her personal freedom in songs like, “Daddy Goodbye Blues” and “Don’t Fish In My Sea” written with Bessie Smith. Rainey recorded 100 songs between 1923 and 1928 on Paramount Records.

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Soulful Blues By Joan Cartwright

A True Love By Joan Cartwright

It’s been a hard road to plow

But I’m seeing the fruits of it now

A high hill to climb

And I’m seeing the view from up here

It took a long time to see

That the Light is right here in me

And I’m telling the world

That there’s a true love inside of me

There were some times when I thought

I’d never make it through

Such a struggle for so many years

And not enough time to do what I do

And then the tears began to fall

Each time my heart was breaking in two

I had to tell myself

There is a truer love inside of me

And now I know, yes I’m sure

That there is nothing no nothing to shake me

I’ve got a light that shines inside

To show the proper reality

And nobody can ever convince me

That I’m anything less than that

So I’m telling the world

That there’s a true love inside of me

Yes I’m telling the world

That there’s a true love inside of me